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The B&G Fan Club will meet for all 2014 games at:
(Preston & Belt Line)
Seating is limited and most games fill up to standing room only so arrive early.
Tickets are still only $4/each or 3/$10
Tickets are sold 5 minutes before halftime
2014 Schedule
Sunday, Sept. 7 at Houston Texans (FOX) L 17 - 6
Sunday, Sept. 14 vs. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (CBS) W 41 - 10
Sunday, Sept. 21 at Philadelphia Eagles (FOX) L 34 -37
Thursday, Sept. 25 vs. NEW YORK GIANTS (CBS) L 45 - 14
Monday, Oct. 6 vs. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (ESPN) # L 27 - 17
Sunday, Oct. 12 at Arizona Cardinals (FOX) L 20 - 30
Sunday, Oct. 19 vs. TENNESSEE TITANS (CBS) W 19 - 17
Monday, Oct. 27 at Dallas Cowboys (ESPN) W 20 - 17
Sunday, Nov. 2 at Minnesota Vikings (FOX) 12 p.m.*
Sunday, Nov. 9 BYE  
Sunday, Nov. 16 vs. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (FOX) 12 p.m.*
Sunday, Nov. 23 at San Francisco 49ers (FOX) ! 3:25 p.m.*
Sunday, Nov. 30 at Indianapolis Colts (FOX) 12 p.m.*
Sunday, Dec. 7 vs. ST. LOUIS RAMS (FOX) 12 p.m.*
Sunday, Dec. 14 at New York Giants (FOX) 12 p.m.*
Saturday, Dec. 20 vs. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (TBD) ^ TBD^
Sunday, Dec. 28 vs. DALLAS COWBOYS (FOX) 12 p.m.*
* subject to flex scheduling






I Spent Tuesday Freebasing Folgers Just to Stay Awake . . . . .

…because it was my duty as a Redskins fan to stay up and watch every single highlight, update, analysis, and Jerry Jones close-up of our 20-17 WIN OVER THE DALLAS COWBOYS … IN DALLAS ON MNF!  My guess is I got 42 minutes of sleep, because I had to go in early Tuesday to greet my colleagues who had been giving me grief the previous week.  And to make my day even better, while eating lunch at a local restaurant – proudly wearing the Redskins polo I was married in – I was told “you gotta lot of nerve wearing that shirt in here today.”  It’s called pride buddy, and I wear this shirt win, lose or draw.

I must admit going in, I had set the bar fairly low as far as my expectations.  As the ball was kicked off, I thought please, just be competitive.  But with each passing quarter, we were more than competitive; we were controlling the clock on both sides of the ball! Who the hell were these guys, and where had they been all season!?  The Offensive Line protected McCoy and created holes for Morris and Helu, with our RBs averaging 5 yards per carry.  As I said last week, no one expects McCoy to supplant RG3 as the starter, but he certainly supplanted Cousins as the #2 guy.  He was accurate, decisive, spread the ball around, and took the sack a few times instead of throwing into traffic.  More importantly was how he shrugged off the effects of his bonehead INT.  I thought he got hosed during his time in Cleveland, and he showed on Monday Night what he can do with a talented supporting cast.  And that catch by Jordan Reed?!  If I am the coaching staff, I wrap him in bubble wrap after each game and don’t take him out until the next week’s kick-off!


As far as the Defense is concerned, I spent the entire night trying to get a look at their faces because I was convinced they had brought in ringers.  No way was that our Defense . . . well . . . until I saw a few missed open field tackles.  Seriously, that was the best designed and executed defensive game plan I have seen from Haslett since he became Defensive Coordinator.  Breeland and Robinson were outstanding!  Romo was fooled – and looked foolish – all night.  I was SO tired of hearing about the Cowboys O-Line and how it is the final piece to greatness.  The Defense had 5 sacks on the night, and should have had more.  Robinson was relentless, and Breeland reduced Dez Bryant to a pouty afterthought.  I loved how after Breeland beat him to the ball on the final play, Bryant starts signaling for a flag.  No flag for you!  And, is it just me, or does anyone else notice how much better the Defense plays when Orakpo is out?  He misses 14 games in 2012 and we win the division, plays every game last season and . . . shudder . . . and we are on a two-game winning streak right now in games he either didn’t play or played sparingly.  Just sayin….


And for the second week in a row, a mighty Redskin took home a Player Of The Week Award.  Congratulations to Kai Forbath for being named the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.  While I do love Kai, it must have been a slow week, as he won the award going 2-2 in PATs and 2-2 in FGs.  Although, one of them was the 40-yard GAME-WINNER OVER THE DALLAS COWBOYS… IN DALLAS ON MNF!!!!!


So, this week we head to Minnesota, to take on the 3-5 Vikings.  As has been the case all season, how the Skins do will depend on which team shows up.  If it’s the team that laid an egg against the Giants, we have no chance.  But, if it is the team that showed up last Monday, to BEAT THE DALLAS COWBOYS… IN DALLAS ON MNF*, we will surpass our win total from 2013 before heading into the bye.  Sources say RG3 will get the start on Sunday.  I for one would prefer he get the additional two weeks to recuperate and practice, and come back strong against the Bucs at home.  Hopefully Jay reaches out to me for my two cents.


Weeks like this make it worth it to be a Redskins fan . . . especially in Texas!   Go forth and annoy . . . I mean enjoy!


*Just can’t say it enough!!









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