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Seating is limited and most games fill up to standing room only so arrive early.
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2017 Schedule
Sun, Sep 10 Vs Philadelphia 1:00 PM FOX
Sun, Sep 17 @ Los Angeles 4:25 PM FOX
Sun, Sep 24 Vs Oakland 8:30 PM NBC
Mon, Oct 2 @ Kansas City 8:30 PM ESPN
Sun, Oct 15 Vs San Francisco 1:00 PM FOX
Mon, Oct 23 @ Philadelphia 08:30:00 PM ESPN
Sun, Oct 29 Vs Dallas 4:25 PM FOX
Sun, Nov 5 @ Seattle 4:05 PM FOX
Sun, Nov 12 Vs Minnesota 1:00 PM FOX
Sun, Nov 19 @ New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX
Thu, Nov 23 Vs New York 8:30 PM NBC
Thu, Nov 30 @ Dallas 8:25 PM NBC
Sun, Dec 10 @ Los Angeles 4:05 PM CBS
Sun, Dec 17 Vs Arizona 1:00 PM FOX
Sun, Dec 24 Vs Denver 1:00 PM CBS
Sun, Dec 31 @ New York 1:00 PM FOX






Sorry to all basketball and hockey aficionados ‑ ‑ can you tell I discovered the on-line thesaurus ‑ ‑ but, the next two months of nothing but college football, the NFL, and playoff baseball, are the two greatest months of sports, all year.  But with playoff baseball a month away and, as an Aggie, our season ending September 3rd, I get to turn all my attention to our mighty, mighty, Redskins!


Hope springs eternal every fall, and if I’m predicting with my heart, we’re going 16-0!  But, if I look at all the facts, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went 8-8, or 12-4. It all depends on how quickly the players adjust to new systems and new teammates, and I have three major concerns:


1.   How quickly Cousins gels with Doctson and Pryor.  He still has his security blanket in Reed, but he is still learning the tendencies of his new top two receivers. They didn’t have a lot of time to work together during the preseason, but hopefully they’ll get on the same page quickly.  Our lack of a running game and turnstile-esque offensive line underlines the importance of Cousins developing a good rapport with these two…quickly!


2.   Gruden calling plays.  I am not a big fan of HCs calling the plays because they lose sight of the big picture ‑ ‑ the entire game ‑ ‑ and are only focused on the next play. This can lead to poor clock management ‑ ‑ never Jay’s strong suit ‑ ‑ so this worries me a bit.


3.   Granted, it was only pre-season, but it looked like the same defense, same ^&&%#3%@ results.  No pressure, too much cushion, way too many big plays on the ground.  I’ll put on my rose (burgundy) colored glasses, and chalk this up to the vanilla play calling of the preseason.


Fortunately, we came out of the preseason fairly healthy.  We did lose Trent Murphy for the season to a nasty knee injury, and Cravens starts the season on the exempt list. Indications are he will miss a month.  Hopefully, he is able to come to a decision that brings him peace of mind.


So let me put this in writing:  my prediction is we go 10-6 this season, and are in the playoff picture.  We play three teams (Seattle, Denver, and Arizona) I have pegged as losses based on their past history, but who knows if they will be as strong.  And two of those games are at home.  Everyone is talking up the Giants’ defense, but with Beckham injured and Eli applying for AARP benefits, I don’t see them running away with the division.  And NO WAY Dallas matches their 12-4 record from last year.  I am loving Elliott and his Judge Judy drama, but regardless of his availability, they lost too many people on the defensive side of the ball, and teams have had a year to study Prescott.  Bring it, Buttercups!


It all kicks off this Sunday against the Eagles, as we go for our sixth straight win over Philly.  On paper, this is a fairly evenly matched game, which I believe will come down to two matchups:  Alshon Jeffrey vs. Josh Norman, and the Philly linebackers vs. Jordan Reed.  With neither team having much of a running game, it will come down to each team’s big playmakers. Ex-QB, Nate Sudfeld, signed this week to Philly’s practice squad, may give away some secrets.  But, my theory is he was cut because he couldn’t execute our secrets, so that doesn’t give me too much cause for concern.


In the end, I think our offense makes more plays, and the mighty, mighty Burgundy and Gold gets off to a 1-0 start.


Which would be great way to start . . . . the most wonderful time . . . . .










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