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The B&G Fan Club will meet for all 2013 games at:
(Preston & Belt Line)
Seating is limited and most games fill up to standing room only so arrive early.
Tickets are still only $4/each or 3/$10
Tickets are sold 5 minutes before halftime
Thur, Aug. 8 @ Tennessee Titans 800pm EST
Mon, Aug 19 Pittsburgh Steelers 800pm EST
Sat, Aug 24 Buffalo Bills 400pm EST
Thur, Aug 29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:30pm EST
Sun., Sept. 9 Philadelphia Eagles L 27 - 33
Sun., Sept. 15 @ Green Bay Packers L 20 - 38
Sun., Sept. 22 Detroit Lions L 27 - 20
Sun., Sept. 29 @ Oakland Raiders W 24 - 14
Sun., Oct. 13 @ Dallas Cowboys L 16 - 31
Sun., Oct. 20 Chicago Bears W 45 - 41
Sun., Oct. 27 @ Denver Broncos L 21 - 45
Sun., Nov. 3 San Diego Chargers W 30 - 24
Sun., Nov. 7 @ Minnesota Vikings L 27 - 34
Sun., Nov. 17 @ Philadelphia Eagles L 24 - 16
Thu., Nov. 25 San Fransisco 49ers L 27 - 6
Mon., Dec.01 New York Giants L 24 - 17
Sun., Dec. 8 Kansas City Chiefs L 45 - 10
Sun., Dec. 15 @ Atlanta Falcons L 27 - 26
Sun., Dec. 22 Dallas Cowboys L 24 - 23
Sun., Dec. 29 @ New York Giants L 20 - 6


2014 Can't Get Here Soon Enough . . . . .

We’ve learned two things this season.  First, our beloved Redskins weren’t ready to take that next step after last season’s Division title, and second, I would starve to death if I were a professional pigskin prognosticator.  I really thought the Skins would repeat as NFC Eastern Division Champs.  Dallas and NY’s seasons played out exactly like I thought they would, I didn’t see Philly rebounding this quickly, and NO ONE could have convinced me the Skins would fall so far so fast.

I can’t remember a more disheartening calendar year as a Skins fan. January 6, 2013, we open our playoff game against the Seahawks with 14 quick points and look to be unstoppable.  Then RG3’s knee bends in a way that even Gumby’s knee couldn’t, and the downward slide began.  Last week’s fourth-quarter meltdown against the Cowgirls was the frosting on this horrible cake.  Only our offense could make the Cowboys’ defense look like the 85 Bears. And what I found to be completely disheartening was all the talk leading up to the game.  Cousins said we are playing for our fans and our fans want us to beat Dallas.  The entire defense commented how they wanted to send London Fletcher out on a high note.  We had a chance to play spoiler against our bitter rival AT HOME and were going to take advantage.

As I sat there watching the game, I kept thinking of the movie Brian’s Song – the original one with James Caan and Billy Dee Williams, not the crappy remake – where after surgery to remove his cancerous lung, the Bears dedicate the game to Brian Piccolo … and promptly lose to the Packers by 21 points.  If this is the best you have to offer, don’t make any promises. This game was all we had left as fans, and to watch our defense let a one-legged Romo put up 14 points in the fourth to win, was the cherry on this crappy Sundae of a season.  This season prompted me to scratch “quit drinking” off my New Year’s resolution list for 2014.

Next season should bring several changes to our beloved team.  We should have a new Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coach by Monday.  The team just hasn’t been ready to play all season.  The slow offensive start, Dallas’ punt return to the 3 on the first punt of the game, and the defense’s inability to protect a 10 point lead in the fourth was a microcosm for the entire season.  We have the talent, and FINALLY being out from under the $36 million cap penalty will help, but it is painfully obvious that the Shanahan regime is not the one to lead our team.  And I think Kirk Cousins is a good backup, but I hope his performance silences the RG3 critics, and based on his performances, we won’t be recouping a draft choice this offseason.

We close out – officially, I realize it has been over since November – the season this week against the Giants.  Neither team has much to play for, but hopefully we come out with a win to avoid going 0 for the division this season.


                               HAIL to the REDSKINS! 







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